The congress embraces all aspects related to Internal Combustion Engines, fuels, combustion and out-emissions. These themes with their related topics are presented as follows:



  • Internal Combustion Engines (ICE)
  • ICE for electric power generation (genset) and vehicle application
  • Brazilian Flexfuel engines
  • Hybrid Engines
  • Multifuel Engines
  • Mechanical vibration in ICE
  • Injection process and mixture formation in latest generation of SI and CI engines
  • Engine management system calibration and engine test
  • Engine design and modelling
  • Engine Thermo-fluid modelling – CFD
  • Intake and Exhaust system design
  • ICE components design
  • Turbocharging engine process
  • Highly Efficient Engines
  • Conversion of ICE from standard fuels to operate with alternative fuels
  • ICE instrumentation and metrological control
  • Efforts acting on fixed and mobile structures of internal combustion engines
  • ICE failure detection and diagnosis
  • New material application for ICE
  • External Combustion Engines



  • Standard fuels and alternative technologies
  • Energy dependence of fuels
  • Fuels for ICE
  • Fuel properties and fabrication for ICE
  • Fuel consumption in ICE and Carbon Dioxide emissions
  • Biofuels application in IC
  • Hydrogen as alternative energy source
  • Fuel Cell application in ICE
  • Engine Lubrication Oils
  • Other fuels for ICE



  • Combustion in CI Engines
  • Combustion in SI Engines
  • Combustion Modelling and Simulation in ICE
  • Combustion System Control in ICE
  • Mixed Combustion in ICE
  • Combustion chamber design in alternative internal combustion engines
  • Combustion process for different fuels in ICE
  • Biomass combustion in IC
  • Theoretical combustion models for ICE
  • Combustion analysis in ICE and in Hybrid application
  • Automotive emission legislation
  • Homologation of Exhaust Emissions for passenger car
  • Modern Tests for reducing vehicle tail pipe emissions
  • Electric Vehicles as an alternative for reducing tail pipe emissions
  • Mitigation of Vehicle tail pipe emissions for urban application
  • Combustion Engines and the green house gases effect
  • Vehicle tail pipe emission formation process and the control methodology
  • Atmospheric chemistry and its vehicle out-emission correlation

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